The Best Classic Arcade Games Pac-Man

pac man gameThis is one of the most popular classic arcade games of all time. The premise is simple. Players control a little yellow mouth that is trying to eat all the pellets in a maze on the screen. The problem is that there are four ghosts that are chasing Pac-Man around the screen while he is trying to eat the pellets. If a ghost touches Pac-Man, then he dies and the player loses a life in the game.

However, players can turn the tables on the ghosts by having Pac-Man eat one of the four Power Pellets that are available on each level. Eating one of these Power Pellets turns all the ghosts the color blue for a short period of time, and this allows Pac-Man to eat them. There is also fruit available on each level, which will give players a big bonus for eating it. The level is complete when Pac-Man eats all of the pellets on the screen. The levels get more difficult as the player advances through the game. The ghosts get faster, and the Power Pellets let Pac-Man eat them for shorter periods of time. Donkey Kong

This is another classic arcade game. This game introduced the two most beloved characters in Nintendo history to the world, Donkey Kong and Mario. Donkey Kong sits at the top of the screen holding a damsel in distress. He throws barrels down at Mario. Mario must avoid the barrels by jumping over them as they come towards him. He must climb up the screen to rescue the damsel in distress from Donkey Kong.

Each level has ladders for Mario to climb, but these ladders also allow the barrels to come crashing down on him. Mario can defend himself against these barrels by using the hammers located on each level. Further levels of the game have elevators that Mario uses to reach the top of the screen. There is also a level in which Mario must release eight pins that are supporting the weight of Donkey Kong. The game recycles through four different levels, and they get faster and more challenging each time through.

Street Fighter II This is one of the most popular classic arcade games of all time. It is without a doubt the most popular fighting game of all time. The game is a simple concept, a tournament to determine the greatest street fighter in the world. There are fighters from all over the world using all kinds of fighting techniques, including karate, wrestling, sumo, yoga and magical powers. Super Mario World This is the game that took the Mario franchise to the next level. Super Mario World introduced gamers to the classic character Yoshi, Mario’s dinosaur pal. It also was the first Mario game to let two players play together at one time. One player can be Luigi and one player can be Mario. It gives players nine worlds to explore with more than 90 levels of action. The game creates a very in-depth universe that gives players hours of fun.