The casino does not pay money, what should I do?

The casino does not pay money, and a fairly large amount of money won in games has accumulated on the account. The main points when withdrawals are denied are: fraudulent sites, internal rules, special conditions for bonuses.

Fraudulent sites – operate without a license, trying to remain anonymous. They entice players with specially tuned slot machines (the manufacturer must be visible in the slot when loading). It is advisable to first study the reviews about the institution. The bad to good ratio is roughly 40/60. Chat online with the manager. If no response is received within 24 hours, then this is an alarm signal. With the funds already deposited, you are unlikely to see them again, not to mention the chance to withdraw the winnings. The law will not solve this problem, the only way is to spoil his reputation.

The casino rules may contain unfavorable conditions for the user. Carefully study all the moments when you can refuse to win. The club is obliged to clearly formulate all points when it is refused to receive the prize. The most you can do is to file a complaint against the online casino with the authority to be included in the register of prohibited sites.

Carefully study the conditions for calculating bonuses, mainly special rules are set on them – wagers, certain slots for playing, etc. By taking them, you agree to the terms of the casino and you may face the problem of withdrawing your winnings. If there is no proven strategy, then it is better to abandon them and bet on your own money.

Online casino complaints

If no rules were violated, there are several ways to solve the problem.

1. Contact the support service in writing to explain the reason for the non-receipt of payment.

2. Send an email from the email address you used when registering.

3. Specify your username, amount and the desired date of withdrawal of funds to the payment system.

4. Support staff will offer to pass verification, or be accused of breaking the rules. In the absence of a response, post as many negative reviews as possible on all blogs and forums. Send the links of your publications to technical support. Write until you get paid. Negative messages do a lot of harm, and online casinos can make concessions in order not to lose their name and reputation.

Найти кнопку аварийное отключение

Fraudulent online casinos launch their advertisements for malicious sites to attract new players. Dozens of push notifications, slot machine advertisements and other entertainment. The virus infection is quite obvious: a window with this site constantly pops up, unknown programs are installed on the PC without your knowledge. Where can I find the emergency stop button?

right-click on the browser shortcut;

select “Properties”.

if you see url or bat extension, go to the “File Location” folder.

remove it. Start your antivirus software and restart your computer. Ads should no longer appear and the computer will run much faster.

Which casinos pay

The reliability and decency of a casino is determined by many factors:

the number of providers;

regularity of payments;

reliable technical support;

good feedback from players.

The most important priority in choosing is the speed of receipt of funds to payment systems, including bank cards. As a rule, the duration of the transaction is about 15 minutes. Reliable casinos that really pay and do not cheat their customers consistently remain in the first places in the TOP rating. It is confirmed by independent evaluations on gambling sites:

fast payments, confirmed by real player reviews;

loyalty to customers and the absence of substantiated complaints;

adding slot machines as they come out;

individual contracts;

fast customer support;

honest bonuses;

a variety of ways to make a deposit.