VIP Appreciation Bonuses at 888Casino

888Casino ranks amongst the finest online casinos in the gaming industry. The online casino not only provides a wide range of quality online games but also offers very competitive promotional offers. In addition, 888Casino strives to provide a unique gaming experience to its members through constant innovation.

To show VIP members its appreciation for their loyalty to the casino, 888Casino has specifically designed the VIP Appreciation Bonus which is a special benefit for VIP members. Twice a month, members can receive tokens of the online casino’s appreciation when they play on their favorite games.

To qualify, VIP members must be subscribed to the VIP Promotional emails, deposit a minimum of £200 and accumulate a minimum of 100 Comp Points playing any game. Players have to do so within a two-week period during a calendar month the first period running as from the 1st till the 13th and the second period as from the 14th until the end of month.

Qualified members can receive a minimum bonus of £50 and maximum bonus of £1,000. The Appreciation Bonus is based on Comp Points earned and the games which have been played. Each game carries its own bonus value thus players simply need to check out the chart. 

A notification email will be sent to all qualifying members before 1st and 15th of each calendar month displaying the Appreciation Bonus amount they have been awarded.

VIP members are without doubt spoilt at 888 Casino so join today and climb up the ladder to receive top rewards.